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Estimate Repairs


Send us the faulty product with the following information: name, address, day time telephone number and fault details. We will then inspect the product and advise you on the estimate repair costs. If accepted and payment received, we will repair and return your product to you.

All quoted repair prices are exclusive of VAT and carriage charges.

If any repair quotations are refused there will be a charge of £15.00 + Carriage + VAT for the preparation of the quote.

If on inspection of the repair there is no fault found with the unit there will be an inspection fee of £15.00 + Carriage + VAT.

Any repair that is deemed beyond economical repair or beyond repair (In water damage and other circumstances) there will be a £15.00 + VAT charge.

If you advise us to scrap the product rather than returned it, all estimate and carriage charges will be removed. No further charges will be made on the repair in question.

All repairs being returned will incur a minimum carriage charge of £10.00 + VAT, unless it has been agreed by Fullers Ltd that the repair will be returned at either a reduced cost or free of charge (In some warranty circumstances).

There will be extra carriage charges if;

  • Repairs are being returned to locations deemed as non UK mainland.
  • A greater size/weight

Any carriage charge increases will be notified at the estimate stage of the repair.

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