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Warranty Repairs

Please ensure that you enclose the following information: name, address, day time telephone number and fault details with any equipment returned to Fullers Electronic Services Ltd for repair.

In the case of any Warranty units we will also require a valid purchase invoice before any repairs are undertaken.

All equipment repaired by Fullers Ltd will include a three month parts and labour warranty unless stated otherwise. This warranty covers the work carried out and parts replaced to cure the fault originally complained of. This does not cover any new faults that occur within the three months warranty period. Warranty does not cover any courier costs involved unless agreed by Fullers Electronic Services Ltd.

Procedures for Returning Products for Warranty Repair:


These units will need to be sent into Fullers Electronic Services Ltd for repair. A valid proof of purchase must be supplied with any unit being returned for a warranty repair. Any unit returned without a proof of purchase or with an invalid receipt will be deemed as a chargeable repair and estimated accordingly. The warranty period on any of these units does not cover any courier/postage charges, so there will be a minimum carriage charge of £10.00 + VAT. Unless you are a Fullers Ltd account holder any carriage charges will have to be paid for before any repairs are returned.

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