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Kenwood Mask Keys

Due to the special theft protection system some Kenwood car stereos require a blue mask key fob to activate the unit once the battery has been disconnected from the stereo, or, the battery has gone flat.

Each mask key is unique to its unit therefore you will need to have a new key coded to your unit.

1. You will be required to supply one of the following;

  • A copy of your sales receipt for your car stereo.
  • Car Audio Passport.
  • A copy of your driving license.


Without this information we are unable to recode a new key to the unit for security reasons.

2. Securely pack your stereo with a copy of one the documents detailed above and your name, address and contact telephone number. Then send the unit to Fullers Ltd (Please note that we do recommend that you send the unit via Recorded/Special Delivery - Royal Mail or a Courier to ensure delivery).

3. Once we have received the product we will contact you to arrange payment via credit/debit card. Then recode a new mask key and arrange delivery back to you, on a convenient day during the week.

The cost of a replacement mask key is £52 + VAT for car audio products and £57 + VAT for screens, this price is inclusive of carriage charges.

The following Kenwood units use a Mask Key:

Cassette Receivers:- KRC-PS978R, PS979R, PS1077R, V791, V879R, 777R, 778R, 778RV, 779R, 791, 794, 877, 878R, 887, 977.


CD Receivers:- KDC-B7021, M907, M9021, PS970R, PS9070R, PS9080R, PS9590R, PSW9521, V7090R, V7521, 7021, 7021SE, 7070R, 7080R, 7080RV, 7090R, 8021, 8070R, 8080R, 8090R, 9090R.


MD Receiver:- KMD-PS971R.


Multimedia:- KVC-1000, KVT-M700, KVT-920DVD.

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