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Security Codes

Security Codes Set By The Manufacturer

Due to the special theft protection system some stereos have an individual security code number. If the power has been disconnected from the battery, or, the stereo has been reset the stereo will require the four-digit code that was supplied with the product.

If you do not have this code you will need to carry out the following procedure to obtain the code for your particular stereo. There is an administration charge of £10, which includes VAT, for this service. Please note that without this information the code cannot be released for security reasons.

1/  A copy of your sales receipt for the stereo, or, a copy of your driving license

2/  The manufacturer name and model number
3/  The serial number
4/  Your name, address and contact telephone number so that Fullers Electronic Services Ltd can contact you for payment

Send details via post, fax or e-mail (please attach scanned documentation). Click on our Contact Us tab for the relevant info.

When Fullers Electronic Services Ltd have received this information; They will then check the manufacturers database and once all security checks have been made, they will then supply the code accordingly via telephone, post, fax or e-mail. Please note that this service normally takes 2 working days upon receipt of your request.

Security Codes Set By The User

If the power has been disconnected from the battery or the stereo has been reset, the product will require the four-digit code that was set by you or the original purchaser of the product.

If you do not have the code you will need to carry out the procedure below to have the stereo code rermoved. There is a charge for removing the code of £53.99 inclusive of return transport cost and VAT. Please note that some form of proof of purchase or ID is required for security reasons.

Please carry out the following procedure:

1.Contact us before returning the product, to confirm that you are sending your unit for code removal.
2.Supply a copy of proof of purchase of the Kenwood equipment or ID i.e. driving licence etc.
3.Name, return address and daytime contact telephone number.
4.Box up the unit securely with the documentation as above and send to us via Royal Mail Special Delivery or courier.

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